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 matt ferris

Hello, My name is Matt Ferris. I am a fully qualified Automotive 
Engineer/Motor Mechanic and have worked in the Industry for 
over 30 years. 
I own and operate Riverstone Radiators, a fully 
licenced auto repair shop in the North Western 
region of Sydney.

During the past 7 years in my workshop and through the radiator shop
I quickly discovered that an affordable, easy to use and effective stop 
leak was desperately needed, but most importatly a stop leak that would 
not block or harm your radiator or engine in any way, as this is the case 
with many of the other stop leaks on the market today and that had 
been used by so many of my customers.

I then set out to develope my own, new and improved product and now after four years of development, extensive asl package2

tests and trials it is to be marketed by Me and my family as Aussie Stop Leak. My product is one of the easiest to
use on the market, it is the most widely effective, and also is very competatively priced with all
other cooling system
stop leaks available.

Because Aussie Stop Leak is a dry product in a plastic sachet it is ideal for keeping in storage for example, a glove box,
a compartment in earthmoving equipment or even a backpack on a motorcycle.

This product is of course 100% Australian. It has been developed from a genuine need, not as a gimmick or a
quick money making venture. We have many happy customers already throughout our trial period and feel that
we will have many more as the word spreads.

Don't get caught out with a leaky radiator again.