All positive Feedback!

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My name is Neil English, I am owner of Rocks Excavations. We have used Riverstone Radiators for all of our earth moving equipment repairs since they opened 13 years ago.

We were on a job site a few years ago when one of our machines developed a leaky radiator. We could have lost the job if we had taken the machine off site to be repaired. To get us out of trouble
Matt Ferris offered me a sample of his new product, Aussie Stop Leak.

It worked perfectly, it got the machine through the rest of the day and saved us a lot of money.

Matt then asked if I would be interested testing it over the next few years. We have now even used Aussie Stop Leak on our D9 Bulldozer and excavator and every time had great results.

Matt has been able to service each vehicle quickly and effectively once they leave the site
because Aussie Stop Leak doesn’t ruin the radiator like other products I have used in the past.

 – Neil English


We at WPT Pty Ltd, Ray and Anthony Webbe, have dealt with Matt ever since he opened at Riverstone Radiators.
We buy and sell second hand trucks and machinery, so as you can imagine there have been times where we have had radiator leakages.

Matt understanding these issues, offered us a product. which he has developed called Aussie Stop Leak to test out. It did successfully work out for us not just once but

in other situations, which saved us quite a lot of money.

Having tested the product ourselves and seeing the success, we have even recommended the product to other companies and other truck drivers who have only come back to us with positive feedback.

 – Ray and Anthony Webbe.


My name is Gary St Lawrence, I am a very proud uncle to Matt, and I just wanted to have my say about Aussie Stop Leak.

I believe I gave this product one of its toughest tests of all. My wife owns a Camry, and about a year and a half ago she blew a head gasket on her way to work, we had only the one car
at the time.

Matt suggested I try his new cooling system Aussie Stop Leak to see me through until I could get the car properly repaired. it had been twelve months and then developed another leak. Matt Jokes with me saying “Its not supposed to last forever” but I always talk him into trying his Aussie Stop Leak one more time.

Now we are another 6 months down the track and still no leak thankfully, because I don’t think I would get another quick fix out of Matt. But I think That Aussie Stop Leak is a fantastic product And will get a lot of people out of trouble when the time comes.

 – Gary St Lawrence